Undoubtedly, the new image of La Tasqueta de Caldes has a clear protagonist, this is the “Gallipeix”, name with which it has been baptized and identified by our clients and staff.
This mixture of chicken and fish wants to show the culinary globality of our menu. The three red moles, at the same time of showing us the life through the breath, evokes to us the circle of the flag of Japan, country that is very present in our plates.
The “Gallipeix” has been integrated quickly between us, its touch casual and at the same time elegant, is very much identified with the image we want to convey.
In turn, the “Gallipeix” is making us travel all over the world. Our friends, clients and staff, through the tag #gallypez or #gallipeix send us pictures of their trips where our logo appears. Without a doubt, our “Gallipeix” is going to give a lot to talk about.